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    What Makes Us Different?
    Acendre believes that secure, configurable talent management technology, underpinned by people analytics, is fundamental to improving organizational performance. This belief is what has led to our integrated talent management system that is empowering many of the world’s largest organizations.
    Acendre’s dedicated people, unparalleled people analytics, advanced user interfaces, the most configurable business process workflow engine in the industry and a relentless commitment to true interoperability all combine to offer a no-compromise integrated talent management solution.
    Planning and Analytics Engine
    Acendre’s powerful planning and people analytics engine underpins our entire integrated talent management system. By capturing data at every step in the system, we ensure that every human capital action is reportable, meaning every process or element within your people ecosystem can be measured, planned for – and improved.
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    Planning and Analytics
    Business Process Workflow
    The Acendre Workflow platform provides complete configurability for your organization’s unique workflows and processes. No other integrated talent management system provides this adaptive design and out-of-the-box capability, where the technology adapts to your specific requirements and workflow – not the other way around.
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    Acendre believes seamless integration, with high performance and high quality between disparate systems is more critical than ever. With true interoperability, we offer our customers a no-compromise approach, allowing you to keep any system that works for you or that must be part of your entire ecosystem.
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    Security and Compliance
    Without a high level of security underlying an entire integrated talent management system, nothing a system can do matters. That’s why Acendre is dedicated to delivering the most secure solution possible, with an ongoing commitment to a secure environment for your employees and for your organization’s recruitment, onboarding, performance and learning initiatives.
    In addition, Acendre is dedicated to compliance, accessibility and usability for all users, including compliance related to the constraints that govern how organizations in specialized vertical industries must operate when recruiting, managing and developing their people.
    Simply stated, it’s a solution your HR and IT leaders can trust.
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    Security and Compliance
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