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Acendre Learning and Development moves beyond traditional, boring learning and development solutions with a learning management system (LMS) that delivers targeted training to boost employees’ career growth. With Acendre’s learning management software, you’ll deliver training for onboarding talent, increasing engagement, fostering collaboration, improving skills, achieving compliance, accelerating performance and advancing individual career growth.
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    Learning Management
    Deliver targeted learning and development programs that quickly onboard new employees, sharpen skills, increase knowledge and engage the workforce. Invest in the future of your workforce with courses tailored to individual roles and career paths.
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    Learning Management
    Proactively manage risk and maintain compliance with a centralized system that monitors, tracks and reports on learning activities and certification status in real time.
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    Foster collaboration and innovation through social learning capabilities focused on building a community.
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    Robust reporting provides insight into learning activities so you understand ongoing initiatives and plans.
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    The Benefits of Learning and Development
    Recruitment Solution

    Workforce Knowledge

    With a robust learning development tool, you increase your employees’ knowledge, and reap the rewards with a better-performing workforce.

    Employee Performance

    With knowledge programs in place, your employees perform and develop faster, your skills gaps shrink and your ability to develop leaders improves and accelerates.

    Enhanced Employee Engagement

    With learning programs and collaboration ingrained into the culture of the organization, employees become more engaged and take on increased ownership of their career development.

    Integration with Hiring and Performance

    Acendre’s focus on interoperability and people analytics provides seamless integration between your organization’s LMS and onboarding and performance, providing clear insight into how your learning programs are improving the onboarding experience and helping career development.

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    Uniting Care Case Study
    Acendre Casestudy - Uniting Care

    "We are extremely happy with Acendre Recruitment. Not only is it easy to use we have also seen data entry reduced for our payroll team and we have integrated with our onboarding program also." Jessic Morrissey – Human Resources Advisor

    Uniting Care Children and Family is part of one of Australia’s largest community services providers - the Uniting Care network. UnitingCare often have large numbers of vacancies each month, with up to 50 vacancies on some occasions. Lengthy manual processes were seriously affecting their efficiency.

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