Performance and Succession

Acendre Performance and Succession helps boost your organizational performance with performance management technology that aligns employee performance with organizational goals and strategy. Continuous feedback and coaching help improve employee performance and employee engagement through streamlined performance management, underpinned by people analytics. Succession planning helps you address an aging workforce and today’s talent shortage by ensuring skill gaps and competencies are identified, along with potential new leaders so that you can be ready for departures and implement appropriate leadership development plans.
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    Performance Management
    Configurable performance management technology that adapts to your employee performance review process aligns employee goals with organizational goals and strategy to help workforce performance and results. Ongoing engagement improves employee morale and performance and helps instill a culture of high performance.
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    Performance Management
    Skills Management
    Track employee skills and competencies along with planned and potential job vacancies to ensure critical positions are filled quickly. People analytics dashboards and reports highlight skills gaps so you can establish necessary development plans.
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    Skills Management
    Feedback and Coaching
    Embrace exceptional employee engagement through continuous monitoring of goals and development plans. Improve team and organizational performance with online journals that encourage regular communication between employees and their managers, allowing easy tracking of interaction, goals and performance.
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    Feedback and Coaching
    Reporting and Analytics
    Actionable insight through dashboards and reports on employee performance ensures managers can easily identify high performing employees and also stay on top of potential performance problems. With access to detailed performance information, managers can take pre-emptive action to help employees with development plans and improve retention rates.
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    Reporting and Analytics
    Dynamic Form Generation
    Leverage and use organization-specific forms that are required outputs of your performance management process. Dynamic forms generation renders forms in PDF, MS Word and other file formats. Dynamic forms are auto-populated with data and content captured in the Acendre solution, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry in the solution and again on the resulting form. You can also gather and combine data from multiple sources to create a unified XML data source that can auto-populate desired forms. The resulting output is a properly formatted form with pre-populated data that can then be rendered as a PDF.
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    Dynamic Form Generation
    Automate your performance management according to your organization’s unique workflow. Incorporate specific performance forms that you require and implement the logic that works for your performance review and appraisal process.
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    The Benefits of Performance and Succession
    Performance and Succession Solution

    Enhanced Employee Performance

    Employees and managers can easily track and manage goals and performance. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports improve engagement and help align employee goals with organizational goals. With employee and organizational goals aligned, you establish a culture of high performance.

    Improved Succession Planning

    Through continuous feedback and tracking, organizations have insight into current skills, skills gaps, potential vacancies and high performers to implement a complete succession plan. Understanding your existing skill sets and competencies helps implement the necessary steps to develop existing employees and assure you are prepared for any talent loss.

    Integration with Hiring and Development

    Acendre’s focus on interoperability and people analytics provides seamless integration between your organization’s performance management, hiring and employee development initiatives along with unmatched insight into the relationships between these disciplines. Identify trends between hiring, performance and learning programs to see what works best and what corrections can be made to improve these areas.

    Improved Insight

    Insightful reports provide information on all aspects of your employees’ performance, along with skill sets and competencies to provide information on current and future needs as you build your succession plans.

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    Improving Performance Management through Analytics, Engagement & Employee Development

    Strathfield Municipal Council Case Study
    Acendre Casestudy - Strathfield Municipal Council Case Study

    "ePerform allows employees to see how we are all moving together, towards a common goal." Jason Andrew - Group Manager Organisational Performance

    Strathfield Municipal Council is a medium sized Council located in Sydney’s Inner West. Prior to implementing Acendre’s ePerform system in 2009, Strathfield Municipal Council was managing its Performance Management manually. Among other benefits, implementation of Acendre’s ePerform has allowed the Council to extract data and act on issues before they escalate.

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