Workforce Planning

Acendre Workforce Planning helps you make insightful, data-driven decisions to improve your planning, hiring, performance and development strategies. Powerful analytics provide clarity to answer your workforce planning questions and help you accurately predict your future workforce needs.
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    Executive Dashboards
    Executive dashboards and reports help you stay on top of your workforce trends, allow you to make recommendations about the future and measure the impact of your decisions. With Acendre Workforce Planning, proactive planning replaces reactive fire-fighting of your workforce challenges.
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    Executive Dashboards
    Competency Forecasting
    Gain the predictive information you need to make important workforce decisions with forecasting that breaks down projected employee information according to your needs. This includes projections by competency and department or line of business, accounting for anticipated attrition and external market forces. Flexible filtering options provide in-depth predictive analysis according to your needs.
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    Competency Forecasting
    Skills Gap Projection and Risk Assessment
    Understand the risks your organization faces near- and long-term from skill gaps. Breakouts of skill gaps across your organization along with risk assessment for retirements and other attrition help you make the necessary decisions and adjustments to priorities, resources and responsibilities to keep your organization running at maximum efficiency.
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    Skills Gap Projection and Risk Assessment
    Budget Execution
    Powerful executive dashboards provide insight into current and projected budget allocation overlaid with planned hiring and attrition totals. Continual updates ensure you stay on top of developing trends so you can make the necessary adjustments to keep on plan.
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    Budget Execution
    Retirement Eligibility Analysis
    Obtain keen insight into projected retirements and the accompanying risks to your organization. Combined with skills gap analysis information, you’ll be position to determine appropriate actions to manage risk and identify mitigation strategies to deliver what is needed in the future to combat looming retirements.
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    Retirement Eligibility Analysis
    The Benefits of Workforce Planning
    Workforce Planning Solution

    Identify Talent Shortfalls

    Strategic workforce planning helps highlight talent shortages, speeding up the process of identifying sources of new talent that can help your organization.

    Improve Budgeting

    Gain insight into your workforce budget and spending execution across your entire organization and across departments through executive dashboards. You’ll see where potential shortfalls or over-spending is projected, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to keep budgets on track.

    Enhance Strategic Planning

    Workforce planning dashboards and reports that cover workforce total, skills gaps analysis, competencies, retirement and attrition projection as well as other risks helps improve your organization’s strategic planning through improved forecasting and risk mitigation. By improving annual and multi-year planning, HR’s contribution to the organization’s strategic planning increases significantly.

    Identify Workforce Skills Gaps

    Overlaying gaps analysis with applicant, hiring and attrition information helps you better prepare for projected skills gaps. Making the necessary adjustments before critical needs arise helps fend off potential workforce crises. Improve communication between human resources and business units to better identify and retain the most important talent.

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    Australian Taxation Office Case Study
    Acendre Casestudy - Australian Taxation Office

    "With Acendre, our ability to refine our process really added to the candidate and delegate experience, and improved overall efficiencies in terms of time to fill and cost. But that's just the beginning." Donna Ross - Executive Director

    Large public organisations sometimes have a reputation for bureaucracy. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is breaking that mold, thanks to Acendre’s cutting-edge recruitment software that allows the ATO to continuously innovate and improve.

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