Customer Data Protection in the Acendre Cloud

At Acendre, the security and protection of our customers’ data is a top priority. Our solutions are architected and designed to meet the requirements of the world’s most secure organisations. Because our talent management solutions are in a secure cloud, you can have the security you require without the traditional capital expenditures and lower ongoing infrastructure and support expenses.

The Acendre integrated talent management solution provides a reliable and scalable platform that enables secure, rapid deployment of the talent management system. With Acendre, your data is securely stored on the Acendre cloud infrastructure.  The Acendre infrastructure has been designed to satisfy the highest availability while putting strong safeguards in place regarding customer privacy and segregation.

Acendre is protected by extensive network and security monitoring systems. In addition, Acendre’s infrastructure components are continuously scanned and tested.

Acendre’s data centres are located in multiple locations around the globe to offer maximum resiliency against system outages. Acendre designs its data centres with significant excess bandwidth connections so that if a major disruption occurs there is sufficient capacity to enable traffic to be load-balanced to the remaining sites, minimizing the impact on our customers.

Acendre provides cloud-based data protection at multiple levels.


  • Acendre provides a cutting edge Software as a Service (SaaS) talent management solution and maintains data centres in multiple locations.
  • Acendre provides a cost-efficient infrastructure that meets the confidentiality and availability requirements of the Australian and U.S. federal governments.

Acendre Integrated Talent Management application

  • The Acendre integrated talent management application is designed with security features built-in.
  • Security of the application is verified through ongoing dynamic and static application security testing.


  • Your valuable data is under restricted access, with sensitive data encrypted.

Acendre’s Team

  • The Acendre ITM is operated by seasoned experts, who are passionate about security.
  • The Acendre development and operations teams receive ongoing Information Security training.


  • Security compliance is validated by an independent security assessor.
  • The Natural Talent solution achieved compliance with United States federal security standards.

We will continue to ensure Acendre embraces the highest security standards to ensure our customer’s data protection. 

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