Uniting Care Case Study

Uniting Care Children and Family is part of one of Australia’s largest community services providers – the UnitingCare network. They have around 950 employees, 700 full time. This diverse workforce work across counseling, mediation, disability care services, childcare centres, welfare program delivery and business services such as human resources, communications, accounts etc.

Business challenge

UnitingCare often have large numbers of vacancies each month, with up to 50 vacancies on some occasions. Lengthy manual processes were seriously affecting their efficiency.

Human Resources Advisor Jessica Morrissey said the recruitment process made it hard to fill roles as quickly as required, especially with such large volumes.

“While it is extremely important that we follow our processes and get all approvals completed for all tasks, we also need to fill a vacancy as quickly as possible,” Jessica said.

“Our previous system required us to get everyone in our approval process to provide a physical approval signature, which in some cases required up to five people physically signing off at every step of the process and sending it to the next person on the list. That often resulted in it taking days or sometimes even weeks to advertise a position.”

Acendre Recruitment has saved time for UnitingCare

Jessica discussed that Acendre Recruitment has not only saved them time by reducing the need for a paper trail, it has also made it quicker and easier for them to advertise roles.

“Our management team are online a lot of the time and it is quick and easy for them to log in and approve what they need to approve and the automated reminders also let them know when an activity is outstanding. It saves time and paper,” Jessica said.

“We are extremely happy with Acendre Recruitment. Not only is it easy to use we have also seen data entry reduced for our payroll team and we have integrated with our onboarding program also.”

Online integration makes it easy to seek and find

Jessica added that the integration with Acendre Recruitment and other online recruitment websites is a great addition.

“The online integration has made it easier to advertise on Seek and MyCareer. It’s a fantastic feature that saves us a lot of time,” Jessica said.

“We just place advertisements on those sites through Acendre Recruitment. The template is already loaded with our branding and the copy is replicated on each site with what we input into Acendre Recruitment. It’s a lot more consistent and we don’t end up with errors or typos going into different websites resulting from entering copy numerous times. It also saves us having to log on to multiple websites.”

Acendre Recruitment was easy to implement and easier to use

Jessica added that the integration with Acendre Recruitment and other online recruitment websites is great.

“The implementation was really successful thanks to a robust communications plan and the ease of the system’s usability. Within the team of managers at UnitingCare we have a mix of people who are competent and confident using computers combined with some who aren’t very computer savvy,” she said.

“We have our managers who weren’t as proficient now able to use the system and it didn’t take long for them to be trained in using it. It is not only a great benefit for the company but also a significant personal achievement for the managers, who could barely even use email.” she added.

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