“It’s our mission to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives by empowering organizations to increase their workforce performance and deliver outstanding value to the clients and communities they serve.”

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Why Acendre

It’s about your success and results. Acendre helps organizations plan, recruit, onboard, engage, manage and develop their people to improve workforce performance. Harnessing insights from people analytics, we partner with organizations to help them gain data-driven insight to their workforce.

We believe that talent management technology, underpinned by people analytics, is fundamental to transforming organizational performance.

Our Journey

Acendre was formed in 1997 (as NGA.NET) in Australia, with co-founder Mike Giuffrida’s vision of revolutionizing talent management. Initially focused on recruitment and talent acquisition, Acendre has evolved to provide a full integrated talent management system that today serves many of the world’s largest enterprises. As Mike leads Acendre to new heights, he continues to instill a passion to our customers and employees that integrated talent management, underpinned by people analytics, is fundamental to transforming organizational performance.

In 2010, Acendre entered the North American market, where the company has quickly established a leadership position in the United States federal government. Today, with offices in three continents, the company’s solutions are deployed in over 200 of the world’s largest organizations, including almost 100 federal agencies, helping them recruit, onboard, engage and develop their employees to improve workforce performance. A recipient of numerous awards and with almost 400,000 users, Acendre processes over two million resumes a year and over two million transactions every week.

200+ Global Customers. Millions of Applicants, Jobs and Employees Managed

We are proud to partner with many of the world’s leading talent management consultants

Acendre Executive Management

Meet the leaders that run the business

Mike Giuffrida

Mike Giuffrida

Co-Founder and CEO

Mike co-founded Acendre in 1997 and was appointed our CEO in 2002. Widely regarded as a Talent Acquisition and Talent Management thought leader, Mike was awarded the 2008 Victoria State Pearcey Award for his innovative and pioneering achievement and contribution to IT research and development.

Liam Ackland

Managing Director —  APAC

Joining Acendre in 2003, Liam has more than 15 years human capital technology experience. Instrumental in Acendre’s success through leading the Australian sales team, Liam next spent almost seven years in Washington, DC, introducing Acendre’s software solutions to the US federal market. Liam is now based in Melbourne, working with private and public sector organizations to deliver innovative talent management solutions.

Sudeep Dharan

Chief Technology Officer

Sudeep joined Acendre in 2015. He is responsible for all technology, SaaS operations and product management functions in the company. He is an exceptionally skilled executive; seasoned and tenured in the technology industry. Having worked in organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 companies to industry-disrupting start-ups with multiple exits, his wealth of experience will be invaluable for Acendre’s continued growth.

Vasudha Mangalam


Vasudha joined Acendre in 2016 and has more than 20 years technology industry experience with a focus on strategic planning, human resources, mergers and acquisitions. She leads Acendre’s global human capital team to ensure a high-performance workforce, and is responsible for Acendre India operations. Prior to Acendre, Vasudha held senior leadership positions with Razorsight and Yahoo.

Stephen Foley

Senior Vice President, Sales

Steve joined Acendre in 2018 and leads Acendre’s federal sales and business development teams. He is responsible for growing Acendre’s federal business by ensuring the delivery of human capital solutions that meet the needs of clients and partners. Prior to Acendre, Steve was Senior Vice President of Global Sales at iJET and previously held leadership positions at Verint Systems, Cognos, Clareos and MicroStrategy.

Jennifer Botha

Chief Financial Officer (Acting)

Jennifer joined Acendre in 2015 and has 12 years of global finance, accounting, and operational experience. She leads Acendre’s global financial management to ensure strong financial stewardship and corporate governance via financial strategies, resource optimization and a drive to operational excellence.  Prior to Acendre, Jennifer held leadership positions for Medical & Aged Care Group, Buildev, and PwC.

Annukka Piironen

Vice President, Client Experience

Annukka joined Acendre in 2016 and leads Acendre’s professional services and client success teams. She is responsible for driving global strategies that ensure profitable revenue growth along with successful solution deliveries and implementations, with a relentless focus on client satisfaction. Prior to Acendre, Annukka held executive leadership positions with Knowland, Riverbed Technology and OPNET Technologies (acquired by Riverbed).


Paul De Bono

Principal, Client Success Manager

Paul joined Acendre in 2015 and leads the company’s Client Success team in the APAC region, ensuring Acendre exceeds customer’s expectations in solving their workforce performance challenges. Paul brings strong commercial experience in team building, project management, client relationship management and business development. Prior to Acendre,  Paul held leadership positions with Aon, Automatic Data Processing and Spherion.

Franco Antico

Vice President, Architecture and Security

Franco joined Acendre in 2016 and is responsible for the architecture, R&D, DevOps and security of Acendre’s products and platforms. Franco also runs Acendre’s Corporate IT program Franco oversees global teams to ensure Acendre meets the platform and security requirements of Acendre’s cloud-based SaaS solutions, and the requirements of its customers. Prior to Acendre, Franco held leadership security and architecture positions in both product development and consulting organizations, most recently at Blackboard.


Joe Abusamra

Vice President, Marketing

Joe joined Acendre in 2014 and leads the company’s global marketing and product marketing strategies, initiatives and programs. He has more than 20 years of experience helping public and privately-held technology companies drive growth. Prior to Acendre, he held marketing and product management executive leadership positions with Raxco Software, Stanford Telecom (acquired by ITT), Software AG and Sterling Software (acquired by Computer Associates).

Sean Osborne

Vice President, Product Management

Sean joined Acendre in 2017 and is responsible for global product management, leading cross-functional teams that deliver innovative talent management solutions to the market. Sean has over 15 years of helping companies build industry-leading enterprise software solutions. Prior to Acendre, Sean held product management leadership positions for Ellucian, 3Pillar Global, and Reality Mobile.

Vinaydath Shivaprasad

Vice President, Engineering

Vinaydath joined Acendre in 2016 and is the global head of engineering. He is responsible for delivering the Acendre product and analytics solutions that drive growth, increase performance and ensure an outstanding end-user experience. Prior to Acendre, Vinaydath held leadership development and technical positions at Razorsight Software, July Systems, Keane, Caritor, Eximsoft International and Hutchinson International

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