Acendre Recruitment for Healthcare Datasheet

Powerful and Flexible Talent Acquisition Solution for Healthcare.

Move your ability to attract, onboard and retain employees to the 21st century. As the fastest growing segment of the economy, employee recruitment in the health care industry presents unique challenges that Acendre Recruitment’s exclusive capabilities address head on, allowing you to find the talent you need to better serve your patients and provide the best care possible.

Reduce costs, hire the best people quickly, and ensure you retain employees with the health care industry’s most sophisticated yet easy-to-implement and easy-to-use talent acquisition solution.

Automation and Enhanced Efficiency

Acendre Recruitment automates your existing processes and ensures consistency, helping reduce costs, increase efficiency and make better-informed decisions, all improving your bottom line. You can also easily standardize and automate processes across the organization. This helps speed up the review and approval of requisitions, jobs and offers. Real-time status updates provide further insight to improve the overall talent acquisition and retention process. Every step and approval within your workflow is visible and can be tracked, providing complete transparency and accountability.

Uniformity Throughout Talent Acquisition System

A single system ensures all users follow agreed processes, enhancing productivity and reducing manual errors and learning curves. In addition, processes, terminology and workflows seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring rapid implementation. New processes can be implemented rapidly and easily monitored to ensure they are working as designed. In the rapidly changing healthcare field, Acendre Recruitment ensures you stay on top of evolving requirements.

Powerful Reporting for Enhanced Decision-making

Acendre Recruitment’s robust and informative reporting allows access to key analytics to assist with decision making and oversights on recruitment strategies. An intuitive and detailed dashboard puts critical information at your fingertips, reducing the time and cost to make decisions. Flexible reporting options make information that is important to you readily available, allowing you to monitor your workflows instantaneously across departments and units

Faster and More Effective Recruiting and Onboarding

With Acendre Recruitment, the time consuming and expensive process of locating top tier candidates becomes streamlined and much easier. Acendre Recruitment helps you quickly identify potential candidates using your existing talent pool of previous applicants or existing staff faster than ever. Streamlined onboarding processes allow new employees to be more productive from their first day on the job. This means improved productivity, and reduced costs and greatly improved chances of employee retention. In the highly competitive healthcare field, this can be the difference between success and failure.

Flexibility that Adapts to Your Unique Environment

Acendre Recruitment allows your organization to select the best healthcare talent via a powerful selection process that is completely customizable to meet your exact needs. No new training is needed, as Acendre Recruitment’s processes, terminology and workflow match how you work today. Acendre Recruitment also has custom fields and forms, process flows and email notifications that can be set up however you choose. Acendre Recruitment also integrates seamlessly with numerous third-party systems, further simplifying implementation.

Integration with existing systems

Acendre Recruitment easily integrates with complementary HRIS systems to ensure that there is no need to duplicate data, or manually push or pull information from these systems into or out of Acendre Recruitment. Integration with other HR systems means that your organization can take advantage of best-of-breed software without needing to compromise on functionality.

Powerful Add-ons for Enhanced Recruitment

Acendre Recruitment provides a set of optional components that further simplify the recruitment process. These include:

  • PDF Packaging to package multiple candidate applications, resumes and other documents into one PDF document pack
  • Talent Warehouse enables you to build a talent pool of high-quality, pre-qualified candidates, decreasing
    advertising and recruitment spend
  • SocialSmashed to automate advertising your jobs via social network channels
  • Apply with LinkedIn to simplify candidates’ application process by automatically pulling in data from candidates’ LinkedIn profiles.

Acendre Recruitment Checklist for Healthcare HR Professionals

  • Automated recruitment processes to save time and reduce labor-intensive tasks.
  • Powerful reporting and dashboard with key analytics for faster and smarter decision making and monitoring.
  • Seamless integration with current processes/workflows ensures rapid implementation.
  • Integration with existing HRIS systems.
  • Improved talent acquisition helps you find better talent more quickly and at reduced costs.
  • Simplified training with a single system for all users.
  • With Acendre Onboarding, provides streamlined onboarding processes to enhance new employee productivity.

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