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Download Your FEVS “Booster” Engagement Guideline

Included with Acendre Performance, Acendre provides a full set of employee engagement dashboards to provide agencies’ executive, HR and management teams with insight to help all parties improve engagement and employee and organizational performance.

While the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) provides a high-level overview of employee engagement for each federal agency, it does not provide HR managers and leaders with actionable and detailed insight into the day-to-day engagement of their employees.

Imagine a new world of employee engagement, a world where:

  • Supervisors are empowered with informative employee engagement data, rather than waiting for an annual review
  • Employees provide input on their engagement levels
  • Agencies can measure engagement with 10 simple, behavior-based questions.

Engagement Rating Dashboards

Acendre Average Engagement Rating Dashboards provide insight into work unit ratings, by ratings cycle, for each question an agency asks in its agency-specific survey. With these reports, agencies can gain insight into engagement over the course of a year and determine whether employees’ engagement is improving or declining, and in which areas. Focus areas of engagement include:

  • Career prospects
  • Employee development
  • Internal networking
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Meeting participation
  • Peer mentoring
  • Special projects
  • Unscheduled absences
  • Workload

Engagement Insight Services

Acendre, in partnership with Management Concepts, provides consultative services tailored to individual agencies to help them understand, improve and maximize employee engagement.

Understanding Your Engagement Data

Acendre Performance enables organizations to collect, analyze and report on an array of data to drive interventions
to improve employee engagement and performance.

Engagement Problem Identification

We work closely with your HR team, managers and leadership to pinpoint engagement problems and identify specific actions that can be taken to address those problems.

Performance Coaching

We provide certified executive coaches who work with your managers and executives to build their leadership capabilities to address engagement gaps within the organization.

Communications Planning and Execution Support

Our Employee Engagement Specialists will work with stakeholders from across the organization to clearly articulate the themes and key messages to be shared with the workforce.

Organizational Change Management Support

Our specialists dive into the engagement data with your HR and executive teams to ensure your agency is ready to embrace the change that the data point to.

Acendre Performance – Engagement

Acendre equips agencies with a full set of employee engagement dashboards that dive deeply into employee engagement data and provide agencies’ executive, HR and management teams with insight to help all parties improve engagement and employee and organizational performance.

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