Higher Education Recruitment Data Sheet

Today’s higher education institutions need to be at the forefront of new and innovative methods of attracting, developing and retaining top talent.

Educational institutions face ever increasing talent acquisition challenges, from talent shortages and rising costs to managing, engaging and retaining existing talent. With the turnover rate among higher education administrators particularly high, and the increase in sessional academics, human resource departments need to perform better than ever to find and manage their most valuable resource – talent.

As the world’s most flexible and configurable talent acquisition and onboarding system for higher education institutions, Acendre Recruitment goes beyond a typical eRecruitment platform to meet the demands of HR departments.

Acendre’s solution lets you manage and support a wide variety of applications and processes all within one solution, providing consistency and seamless integration of usability, visibility and data. These processes are tested, proven and in use today across Universities and other Public Sector organisations across Australia and New Zealand. With Acendre Recruitment, you’ll be in position to meet the strategic and tactical demands you’re facing.

What can it deliver?

  • End-to-end Recruitment and Onboarding: Acendre Recruitment can handle all aspects of recruitment and onboarding and support a diverse workforce, with time-saving automation and streamlined processes.
  • Hiring and Rehires of Casual Academics: Acendre Recruitment can simplify and enhance the recruitment and onboarding process for interacting with and supporting casual academics, resulting in an increased talent pool and better interaction and acceptance from these resources.
  • Build Casual Academic Pools: Acendre Recruitment allows you to develop specific application forms and portals for sessional academics, with the ability to search the database and achieve improved resource planning.
  • Contract Variations for Casual Academics and Rehires: Acendre Recruitment can address the challenges of contract variations for casual academics and rehires, saving time, reducing costs and ensuring smooth processing of the challenges associated with contract variations.
  • Academic Promotions: Acendre Recruitment can manager your Academic Promotion process online, allowing academics to complete online applications for promotion. Information will be automatically shared with other departments and stakeholders for review, assessment and approval within a single solution, resulting in improved relationships and accountability.
  • Powerful People Analytics: Easily report across all aspects of talent acquisition, onboarding, promotions, talent pools, pipeline and rehires.
  • Additional Processes: Offboarding, Mobility and Redeployment registers.

With enhanced recruitment processes to quickly attract and hire top faculty, staff and administrators, Acendre Recruitment helps higher education institutions achieve its hiring goals and ultimately serve its students better. In addition, Acendre Recruitment reduces costs while improving productivity through automation and streamlined processes, from recruitment all the way through to hiring and onboarding.

With Acendre Recruitment, you’ll receive additional capabilities and benefits beyond typical recruiting and onboarding:

  • Intuitive workflow that allows engagement amongst all stakeholders throughout review and approval process
  • Complete auditability and visibility during any process.
  • Consistent data
  • Elimination of data duplication

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