Performance for Education Datasheet

Consistent, informed performance management is a key activity for any educational institution aiming to deliver the best possible experience to employees, while also maximizing employee productivity. This is especially pertinent in a sector such as education, where high levels of competition, regulation and administration can be a real burden on the HR team.

Educational institutions are often required to manage diverse workforces, with a range of professional and academic staff hired on casual, contract and temporary bases. An integrated performance management system that delivers the performance information you need, pinpoints strengths and weakness, and highlights areas for growth – all while streamlining processes and cutting costs – is critical.

Plug and Play Interoperability

Acendre Performance makes staying on top of compliance requirements- such as those surrounding mandated diversity requirements – painless and easy, thanks to its ability to be instantly implemented along with your existing systems. Integration with existing systems means that you have a more holistic view of your employees.

This integration and interoperability also eliminates the risk of data duplication, reducing the possibility of costly errors and inaccuracies. You can continue working with the review and appraisal processes you’re familiar with, and the automated nature of Acendre Performance boosts efficiency and saves valuable man-hours.

Configurability and Flexibility that Adapt to Your Processes

One of the standout benefits of Acendre Performance for educational organizations is the unparalleled level of flexibility and personalization it offers. The system’s components can be aligned with your existing performance processes and practices, allowing you to implement your institution’s own methods into the rules engine. As a result, you’re utilizing the metrics you’re used to and are most suitable for your unique institution.

With a user-friendly configuration console, you can quickly and efficiently assess your review processes, making any adjustments as you see fit. Different educational institutions work according to different performance review cycles, and ePerform lets you incorporate the solution that best suits your institution.

Everything from specific terminology to the workflows your institution uses can be built into the system and configured as necessary.

Critical tasks such as performance reviews are managed through a flexible workflow engine, optimizing visibility and transparency at each stage. A handy appraisal summary screen grants access to individual team members on each stage of the review, streamlining the entire process and ensuring they are kept in the loop with their progress at all times.

Automation and Efficiency

With time at such a premium for educational institutions, Acendre Performance’s automated functionalities take a significant load off your employees’ shoulders.

Once you establish the performance processes that best meet your institution’s requirements, much of the manual work is eliminated and Acendre Performance’s intelligent technology ensures both efficiency and accuracy are upheld. The flexible, cloud-based platform on which Acendre Performance operates also makes it the first choice for institutions in the education sector.

Team communication is also made easier as the system takes care of writing and distributing group emails, thus reducing the risk of duplication. Discreet notifications also mean individuals are not distracted and only alerted when something requires their attention, boosting productivity.

In this way, educational institutions can increase efficiency and enjoy more informed decision-making, which all translates into better results in the bottom line.

Acendre Performance Checklist for Education HR Professionals

  • Quickly identify your institution’s top performers, allowing for more informed decisions in performance management
  • Automate your processes and save time and resources on labor-intensive tasks
  • Use your existing terminology and systems to facilitate ease of use and encourage user adoption
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing processes and workflows
  • Comply with regulatory requirements via a single system
  • Utilize the nine-box talent grid to identify and measure talent within your institution
  • Customize performance appraisal scoring and metrics to align with your institution’s approach

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