Will it truly help me prove ROI on our HR activities?

People and culture initiatives often struggle with proving ROI. But transformation allows you to clearly see how the upfront cost of implementation has been recouped through efficiencies in work processes. On average the greatest ROI can be expected by those that automate processes like recruitment, onboarding, performance appraisals, learning and development, and succession planning. But the benefits don’t stop there; advanced analytics means it is possible to show the value in almost every HR activity.

45% reduction in time to hire*

How much will it really reduce my time to hire?
Regardless of how long it currently takes you to hire, the benefits of recruitment automation can be significant. Our customers have found time to hire can be reduced by as much as 45%.

*Fair Work Ombudsman

92% faster onboarding processing time*

Will it increase my speed of onboarding?
For many HR teams the end-to-end onboarding process is highly manual and cumbersome, involving a number of staff across the organization including recruitment, payroll, the hiring manager, security, IT, and potentially many more. But with electronic onboarding, a completely paperless system and automated workflows mean data reentry disappears. In some cases a new contract can be generated, approved, and accepted within 15 minutes.

*Western Sydney University

Improved employee experience

Is it just about bringing people on faster?
Not only will digital transformation reduce the time to onboard new staff, but it also improves the employee experience as well. Contracts can be accepted with the click of a button and onboarding bottlenecks that relate to gaining physical, email and share drive access ease.

93% of tasks can be automated

How much of my activity can really be automated?
Some estimates put the number of HR tasks that can be automated as high as 93%. While automation is particularly suited to workflows, approvals and talent pooling, agencies are using technology to improve all sorts of processes these days: from planning their workforce, onboarding new employees, navigating recruitment to monitoring performance.


Adaptability is king

We have very specific requirements; can it handle our needs?
The benefit of today’s digital systems is their configurability. For every HR need there’s a number of advanced cloud-based systems designed to be simple to implement while offering the functionality you need to make transformation easier. In fact leading advisory firm Gartner recommends that you make adaptability and interoperability a priority. By doing so you’ll find a solution that is easily configured to suit your processes and infrastructure now and in the future.

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