Acendre believes in talent management on your terms, not ours.

You don’t need to change what works for you — our business process workflow engine adapts to your specific requirements and workflow, no matter how complex it is.

Configurability and Flexibility

The Acendre workflow engine provides complete configurability for your organization’s unique workflows and processes. No other integrated talent management system provides this adaptive design and out-of-the-box capability, where the technology adapts to your specific workflow – not the other way around.

Recruitment Workflow

Acendre’s workflow engine lets you keep the recruitment processes that work for you – and easily improve the ones that don’t. Through action triggers and auto-task notifications, your administrative tasks are automated to ensure hiring gets done more quickly and more efficiently, no matter how complex your workflow is.

Performance Workflow

Acendre automates your performance management according to your organization’s unique workflow. You can even incorporate specific performance forms that you require and implement the logic you use for your performance review and appraisal processes.

Make the switch to Acendre and experience Integrated Talent Management with no compromises

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