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Federal Small Agency Human Capital Improvement Guide

Small agencies have always had unique challenges when it comes to human capital. Now, with a new administration implementing new workforce mandates across the federal government and new budgetary constraints, these challenges are proliferating.... [+] Read More

OMB Federal Performance Management Checklist

If your agency is striving to meet the goals and requirements of the OMB's April 12, 2017 Memo (M-17-22), including maximizing employee performance, make sure that any tool or solution you are considering to help meet these requirements has the robust capabilities outlined in this checklist.... [+] Read More

OMB Workforce Reform Guide

OMB's Maximizing Employee Performance Requirements. This guide outlines steps to take now in order to begin maximizing employee performance and meet the OMB's requirements.... [+] Read More

OMB Reform & Workforce Reduction: Agency Action Plan Guide

On April 12th, 2017, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney issued a Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies. The memo, titled Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government and Reducing the Federal Civilian Workforce, replaces the federal hiring ban enacted in January.... [+] Read More

Achieving Data-Driven Performance Management in Federal Agencies

GovLoop and Acendre partnered to create this industry perspective on the value of performance management technology, tailored for the federal environment, and best practices for implementing the solution.... [+] Read More

Six Steps to Taking Control of Federal Performance Management

While today's federal HR leaders understand the importance of a well-functioning performance management process, many struggle to implement procedures that benefit and work effectively for the agency, agency leaders, line managers and employees.... [+] Read More

Six Steps to Taking Control of Performance Management

While today's HR leaders understand the importance of a well-functioning performance management process, many struggle to implement procedures that benefit and work effectively for the organisation, organisation leaders, line managers and employees.... [+] Read More

Reaching the Future State – Proactive Workforce Planning

The future of your agency's workforce depends on the efforts that workforce planners and HR leaders are making now to develop a clear roadmap for future success. Learn how human capital leaders at the IRS and the Office of Personnel Management are crafting a strategic approach to meeting future workforce needs in this report from HCMG and Acendre.... [+] Read More

Acendre 2017 Human Capital Trends

With a new administration set to unveil new goals and priorities, human capital leaders will face multiple opportunities and challenges in 2017. Acendre has studied the federal human capital landscape, spoken with numerous federal HR leaders and utilized insights and perspectives from our industry-leading People Analytics Center of Excellence to put together this report.... [+] Read More

Security with Acendre Cloud

Today's IT leaders and departments face ever-increasing challenges and threats in securing and protecting their organizations. This white paper details how the Acendre Cloud keeps your entire talent management ecosystem secure.... [+] Read More

Acendre and AWS Security Brief

Learn how the Acendre Cloud, with AWS, keeps your environment secure and in compliance.... [+] Read More

Acendre Recruitment for Education Datasheet

Powerful and Flexible Talent Acquisition Solution for the Education Sector.... [+] Read More

Acendre Recruitment for Healthcare Datasheet

Powerful and Flexible Talent Acquisition Solution for Healthcare.... [+] Read More

Acendre Recruitment Higher Education Data Sheet

Today's higher education institutions need to be at the forefront of new and innovative methods of attracting, developing and retaining top talent.... [+] Read More

Simpler Enterprise Interoperability Whitepaper

Learn about Acendre's unique interoperability capabilities in this in-depth white paper.... [+] Read More

Onboarding Data Sheet

Automating tasks to ensure new employee success. Acendre Onboarding helps your new hires have a positive experience from the moment they accept your offer.... [+] Read More

Workforce Planning Datasheet

Powered by Acendre's exclusive planning and analytics engine, Acendre Workforce Planning provides unprecedented insight and clarity to answer your workforce planning questions and helps you accurately predict your future workforce needs.... [+] Read More

Federal People Analytics

Acendre's cloud-based People Analytics gives federal agencies the power to quickly, securely and cost effectively transform their organizations through executive - and operational-level dashboards and reports. This information provides unprecedented insight for better and faster decision making through standard and tailored reports.... [+] Read More

Federal Performance

With quality talent increasingly recognized as imperative to a federal agency's success, the ability to measure the performance of the workforce is critical. Acendre Performance helps you securely measure performance so you can identify your best talent, which helps pave the way for future performance achievements throughout your agency.... [+] Read More

Federal Recruitment

Acendre Recruitment, the leading Federal Talent Acquisition solution, exploits the power of people analytics and automation to elevate government's ability to attract, hire and onboard top talent while helping your agency achieve its mission.... [+] Read More

Federal Succession Planning

This blueprint outlines the key steps for a data-driven approach to help address your agency's aging workforce and develop top talent to create a succession plan that helps your agency achieve its mission.... [+] Read More

HR Service Delivery for Federal HR Leaders

HR Service Delivery is a key part of federal HR leaders strategic initiatives to modernize their agencies. Each agency needs to determine if its current model for delivery is adequately addressing the needs of its employees as well its ability to meet the strategic goals of the agency.... [+] Read More

Blueprint for Implementing Federal People Analytics in your Agency

This blueprint is a high-level guide for federal human capital leaders to understand the value of people analytics and how it can help your agency.... [+] Read More

Talent Management Security Considerations Checklist

While the choice of an optimal, efficient and feature-rich talent management solution is critical and necessary to help an agency achieve its goals and realize its mission, without stringent security controls, even the most feature-rich and user-friendly solution is unacceptable and a non-starter.... [+] Read More

United States Department of Agriculture Case Study

One USDA enables HR information-system operations to migrate and align USDA talent acquisition/onboarding HR functions within a cloud-based IT solution. Rather than agencies recreating the wheel for HR data management, USDA has a unified solution based on best federal hiring practices and onboarding requirements.... [+] Read More

Talent Management for Healthcare eBook

This eBook from Acendre will explain why - and, more importantly, how - healthcare organisations should implement a more effective talent management strategy that will deliver better results to the most important stakeholders of all - your patients.... [+] Read More

STEM Talent Management and Recruitment

For scientists and technicians in decades past, the notion of a career in government represented a noble calling an opportunity to innovate and inspire while contributing to the greater good.... [+] Read More

Performance for Education Datasheet

Consistent, informed performance management is a key activity for any educational institution aiming to deliver the best possible experience to employees, while also maximizing employee productivity. This is especially pertinent in a sector such as education, where high levels of competition, regulation and administration can be a real burden on the HR team.... [+] Read More

Performance for Healthcare Datasheet

For healthcare organizations to succeed in today's highly competitive environment, having an effective performance management system that delivers quantifiable results is critical. Hiring the talent to deliver the highest quality of care and provide optimum patient outcomes is only the beginning.... [+] Read More

Talent Management Solutions for Education

Acendre offers a solution for every Talent Management need in the education industry. Whether your talent acquisition practices need sharpening, your workforce management programs could do with a revamp or you desire greater visibility and transparency in your workforce, Acendre's software has proven time and time again that it can deliver results.... [+] Read More

Talent Management Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors in any country, ensuring the health needs of each and every citizen is met. In order for your healthcare organization to continue contributing to the well being of the country, it's essential that your department has the right Talent Management in place. Having the right Talent Management solution is vital to be able to do this.... [+] Read More

Performance Management – Iterative Approach Whitepaper

Talent is at the heart of every successful enterprise and outstanding workforce performance is critical to organizational success. What if it suddenly became a lot less intimidating to put strategies in place to improve your workforce performance?... [+] Read More

System update: Making sure your HR platform supports your needs

The right technology for your HR processes streamlines your activities and supports your organization's broader goals. From creating a strong first impression to alleviating pressure on over-burdened staff, these tools can unlock operational efficiencies and improvements that drive strategic goals.... [+] Read More

Blueprint for Improved Performance Management

A Modern Data-Driven Approach to Improved Performance Management and Organizational Transformation.... [+] Read More

Improving your Agency’s Employee Engagement

A five-step blueprint to help improve your agency's employee engagement.... [+] Read More

Transurban Case Study

Transurban Group is an international toll road operator with interests in Australia and the United States. It is an ASX top 50 company that services approximately five million customers globally from offices in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Washington DC. All of Transurban's Hiring Managers, HR and Executive teams use Acendre's eRecruit system.... [+] Read More

Uniting Care Case Study

Uniting Care Children and Family is part of one of Australia's largest community services providers - the UnitingCare network. They have around 950 employees, 700 full time. This diverse workforce work across counseling, mediation, disability care services, childcare centres, welfare program delivery and business services such as human resources, communications, accounts etc.... [+] Read More

University of South Australia Case Study

University of South Australia (UniSA) is a world-class institution built on more than 150 years of teaching, learning and research excellence. With more than 36,000 students, the university is South Australia's largest and was ranked 11th in Australia and in the top three percent of more than 10,000 universities worldwide.... [+] Read More

Western Sydney University Case Study

Western Sydney University makes a strong impression on new appointees. The Western Sydney University (WSU) is made up of six campuses housing nine schools, in addition to Research Institutes, Research Centers, and a range of Business Units.... [+] Read More

Australian Taxation Office Case Study

Large public organisations sometimes have a reputation for bureaucracy. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is breaking that mold, thanks to Acendre's cutting-edge recruitment software that allows the ATO to continuously innovate and improve.... [+] Read More

Chandler Macleod Case Study

Chandler Macleod has provided HR services to organisations in the ANZ region for over 50 years. Publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the company has over 50 branches employing over 1,300 full time employees. The company has over 3,100 customers across the region.... [+] Read More

Fair Work Ombudsman Case Study

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is an independent statutory authority created by the Fair Work Act 2009 to promote harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace relations and ensure compliance with Commonwealth workplace laws. FWO has approximately 800 employees located throughout Australia... [+] Read More

Glencore Case Study

Glencore is one of the world's largest mining and metals companies comprising of seven business units (Alloys, Coal, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Technology and Corporate). They operate in more than 20 countries and employ more than 70,000 people globally.... [+] Read More

Key considerations for Performance Management Infographic

The most essential contributing factor to the success of any organization is the people behind that organization. No business can achieve its organizational goals without its people driving progress, maximizing productivity and searching for improvements.... [+] Read More

Maroondah City Council Case Study

The City of Maroondah (based in Melbourn's outer east) is a municipality that blends the best of both city and country lifestyle and facilities. Maroondah City Council employs over 950 employees across a broad range of disciplines to service a substantially developed residential municipality with over 105,000 residents.... [+] Read More

New Zealand Fire Service Case Study

The New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) is a technologically advanced, responsive fire service that has around 62,000 callouts per year. There are close to 500 stations throughout New Zealand, with over 1,700 career and 8,000 volunteer fire fighters who dedicate themselves to preventing fires and protecting the communities that they live in from the dangers of fire.... [+] Read More

Retirement Tsunami Infographic

Is your organization prepared for the retirement tsunami? Like the rest of the developed world, Australia's population is aging as a result of sustained low fertility and increasing life expectancy. An aging population means a proportionally older workforce, of which a significant number will retire and leave the workforce over the next decade.... [+] Read More

Statistical case for Talent Management Infographic

Organizations across a range of industries are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of building an effective and productive team. Today's employees must be working in synergy, leveraging their skills and assets to achieve a common purpose.... [+] Read More

Strathfield Municipal Council Case Study

Strathfield Municipal Council is a medium sized Council located in Sydney's Inner West. The Council comprises approximately 14.1 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 37,000. Strathfield Council currently employs 150 staff members.... [+] Read More

Addressing Turnover

People leave their positions for any number of reasons. They might be moving to a new state to support a spouse, looking to advance in their careers or seeking a better fit for their talents and personalities. Whatever the cause, high rates of turnover can carry heavy negative consequences for enterprises - which is why HR departments have an important role in keeping these figures under control.... [+] Read More

Managing Managers for Healthcare

Managers usually rise to their positions because they're good at their jobs. They've learned the processes, mastered the techniques and focused on ways to excel in their careers.... [+] Read More

Australian Public Service – Surviving the Big Freeze – Addendum

In late 2013, the Australian Federal Government announced new interim recruitment arrangements temporary guidelines regarding the hiring of new employees which placed significant restrictions on recruitment in the Australian Public Service.... [+] Read More

Insightful People Analytics without the Data Scientist Datasheet

Natural Talent's People Analytics provides insight to HR specialists, line managers and executives, while also enhancing an organization's online experience and interaction for candidates.... [+] Read More

Best of breed vs End to end solution suites in TM

Organizations currently in the market for business software will no doubt have heard a few buzzwords floating around. One of the biggest debates surrounds the merits of best-of-breed solutions as opposed to end-to-end options, and whether one works better than the other.... [+] Read More

Best practices in Assessment Processes

It is no secret that a poorly executed recruitment process can be extremely costly to your organization. In fact, a survey conducted by The Australian in 2013 estimated that making the wrong hiring decision can cost a business 250 per cent or more of that employee's salary.... [+] Read More

The key considerations of Performance Management

We have written a short guide outlining some key considerations when devising a performance management strategy. We hope that it will help you with building or improving your own performance management strategy, and with communicating your successes to the C-suite.... [+] Read More

Why is succession planning an crucial component of PM

No matter how positive your working environment and regardless of how much you invest in employee well-being and work/life satisfaction, some degree of staff turnover is inevitable.... [+] Read More

A Statistical Case for Talent Management

A range of recent surveys has demonstrated the need for organizations to utilize Talent Management software solutions to save time and achieve better business results. The numbers speak for themselves and highlight the statistical case for effective Talent Management. This guide highlights some of these key statistics.... [+] Read More

Best Practices in Onboarding

Does your organization have an Onboarding strategy? A successful program ensures that employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a valuable part of your organization. This short guide provides you with practical steps to implement and improve your onboarding strategy.... [+] Read More

Blueprint for Data Driven Decisions

This guide gives you a blueprint on how to get started in making decisions that are data-driven.... [+] Read More

Budget Cuts – How to keep moving forward with your TM strategy

Budget cuts, both in the public or private sector, always result in the requirement to do more with less - to achieve strategic goals with fewer resources than you had in the past.... [+] Read More

Building a Business Case for Talent Management

We have written a guide that has some tips and tricks on how to build a business case for a Talent Management program or solution, and how to effectively communicate that to the C-suite.... [+] Read More

Change Management – Best practices for HR departments

Any business that refuses to change risks stagnation and possible failure as competitors evolve and adapt to improve efficiency and performance.... [+] Read More

Engaging and empowering mid-level managers

A key to ongoing agency success is to not only be aware of current organizational conditions, but also to be prepared for any potential future developments.... [+] Read More

Four Essential Steps for an Analytics-Driven Talent Management Transformation

Legacy Talent Management systems are too expensive to maintain, while confining government HR teams to costly, inefficient workflow processes. However, there are ways to develop a highly efficient talent management culture, and a critical piece of this includes analytics.... [+] Read More

How to implement analytics across your Talent Management solution

This short guide provides you with practical steps to build a successful talent analytics implementation strategy.... [+] Read More

How to manage your talent management technology

Getting the most out of any Talent Management software investment is not simply a matter of unrolling the technology and expecting it to immediately offer maximum value.... [+] Read More

HR Ascends to the Executive Leadership Table

We have written a guide with some practical steps that you can take to elevate the HR function and be seen as a truly valuable member of the Strategic Leadership Team at your organization.... [+] Read More

Onboarding Infographic

A visual representation of best practices in onboarding.... [+] Read More

Performance Datasheet

A snapshot view of Acendre's configurable, flexible Performance Management solution.... [+] Read More

Recruitment Datasheet

A snapshot view of Acendre's best of breed Recruitment solution.... [+] Read More

Six Tips for Recruiting Millennials

Did you know that Washington, D.C. is the best city for college graduates to start a career? It's true. A company named NerdWallet has crunched data related to the presence of educated peers, income, affordability and strength of the local workforce.... [+] Read More

The Impact of Performance Management Across Talent Management

This whitepaper examines the critical impact of Performance Management across Talent Management. It examines what Performance Management is and how it fits within the concept of Talent Management, as well as an introduction to a few of the crucial business areas where Talent Management can have an effect.... [+] Read More

Transformative Power of Talent Management – APAC

In this whitepaper, you'll find some practical advice on how you can demonstrate your value to the C-suite and gain that all-important seat at the boardroom table.... [+] Read More

Transformative Power of Talent Management – Fed Gov

In this whitepaper, you'll find some practical advice on how you can demonstrate your value to the C-suite and gain that all-important seat at the boardroom table.... [+] Read More

Transformative Power of Talent Management – US

In this whitepaper, you'll find some practical advice on how you can demonstrate your value to the C-suite and gain that all-important seat at the boardroom table.... [+] Read More

Acendre Corporate Overview

An overview of Acendre's solutions for Talent Management.... [+] Read More

Australian Public Service – Surviving the Big Freeze

In late 2013, the Australian Federal Government announced new interim recruitment arrangements temporary guidelines regarding the hiring of new employees which placed significant restrictions on recruitment in the Australian Public Service.... [+] Read More

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