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Federal Small Agency Human Capital Improvement Guide

Small agencies have always had unique challenges when it comes to human capital. Now, with a new administration implementing new workforce mandates across the federal government and new budgetary constraints, these challenges are proliferating.... [+] Read More

OMB Federal Performance Management Checklist

If your agency is striving to meet the goals and requirements of the OMB's April 12, 2017 Memo (M-17-22), including maximizing employee performance, make sure that any tool or solution you are considering to help meet these requirements has the robust capabilities outlined in this checklist.... [+] Read More

OMB Workforce Reform Guide

OMB's Maximizing Employee Performance Requirements. This guide outlines steps to take now in order to begin maximizing employee performance and meet the OMB's requirements.... [+] Read More

OMB Reform & Workforce Reduction: Agency Action Plan Guide

On April 12th, 2017, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney issued a Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies. The memo, titled Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government and Reducing the Federal Civilian Workforce, replaces the federal hiring ban enacted in January.... [+] Read More

Achieving Data-Driven Performance Management in Federal Agencies

GovLoop and Acendre partnered to create this industry perspective on the value of performance management technology, tailored for the federal environment, and best practices for implementing the solution.... [+] Read More

Six Steps to Taking Control of Federal Performance Management

While today's federal HR leaders understand the importance of a well-functioning performance management process, many struggle to implement procedures that benefit and work effectively for the agency, agency leaders, line managers and employees.... [+] Read More

Six Steps to Taking Control of Performance Management

While today's HR leaders understand the importance of a well-functioning performance management process, many struggle to implement procedures that benefit and work effectively for the organisation, organisation leaders, line managers and employees.... [+] Read More

Performance for Education Datasheet

Consistent, informed performance management is a key activity for any educational institution aiming to deliver the best possible experience to employees, while also maximizing employee productivity. This is especially pertinent in a sector such as education, where high levels of competition, regulation and administration can be a real burden on the HR team.... [+] Read More

Performance for Healthcare Datasheet

For healthcare organizations to succeed in today's highly competitive environment, having an effective performance management system that delivers quantifiable results is critical. Hiring the talent to deliver the highest quality of care and provide optimum patient outcomes is only the beginning.... [+] Read More

Performance Management – Iterative Approach Whitepaper

Talent is at the heart of every successful enterprise and outstanding workforce performance is critical to organizational success. What if it suddenly became a lot less intimidating to put strategies in place to improve your workforce performance?... [+] Read More

Blueprint for Improved Performance Management

A Modern Data-Driven Approach to Improved Performance Management and Organizational Transformation.... [+] Read More

Key considerations for Performance Management Infographic

The most essential contributing factor to the success of any organization is the people behind that organization. No business can achieve its organizational goals without its people driving progress, maximizing productivity and searching for improvements.... [+] Read More

Retirement Tsunami Infographic

Is your organization prepared for the retirement tsunami? Like the rest of the developed world, Australia's population is aging as a result of sustained low fertility and increasing life expectancy. An aging population means a proportionally older workforce, of which a significant number will retire and leave the workforce over the next decade.... [+] Read More

Statistical case for Talent Management Infographic

Organizations across a range of industries are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of building an effective and productive team. Today's employees must be working in synergy, leveraging their skills and assets to achieve a common purpose.... [+] Read More

Strathfield Municipal Council Case Study

Strathfield Municipal Council is a medium sized Council located in Sydney's Inner West. The Council comprises approximately 14.1 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 37,000. Strathfield Council currently employs 150 staff members.... [+] Read More

Managing Managers for Healthcare

Managers usually rise to their positions because they're good at their jobs. They've learned the processes, mastered the techniques and focused on ways to excel in their careers.... [+] Read More

Engaging and empowering mid-level managers

A key to ongoing agency success is to not only be aware of current organizational conditions, but also to be prepared for any potential future developments.... [+] Read More

How to manage your talent management technology

Getting the most out of any Talent Management software investment is not simply a matter of unrolling the technology and expecting it to immediately offer maximum value.... [+] Read More

Performance Datasheet

A snapshot view of Acendre's configurable, flexible Performance Management solution.... [+] Read More

The key considerations of Performance Management

We have written a short guide outlining some key considerations when devising a performance management strategy. We hope that it will help you with building or improving your own performance management strategy, and with communicating your successes to the C-suite.... [+] Read More

Why is succession planning an crucial component of PM

No matter how positive your working environment and regardless of how much you invest in employee well-being and work/life satisfaction, some degree of staff turnover is inevitable.... [+] Read More

The Impact of Performance Management Across Talent Management

This whitepaper examines the critical impact of Performance Management across Talent Management. It examines what Performance Management is and how it fits within the concept of Talent Management, as well as an introduction to a few of the crucial business areas where Talent Management can have an effect.... [+] Read More

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