Acendre People Analytics and Planning provides insight to improve the performance of all aspects of your workforce – without the need for a data scientist. Through easy-to-use dashboards and reports, timely information and a unified view of people data empower you make important business decisions based on real data – not guesswork.

Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting and Dashboards

Configurable, easy-to-use dashboards and reports provide senior executives and other stakeholders with actionable insight on your people data for faster, improved decision making. Standard, custom and compliance reports provide vision into hiring, performance, engagement, retention and development.

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InstantView Analysis

InstantView Analysis

Real-time analysis and reporting across all your people data. User of all levels of experience simply drag and drop elements through an easy-to-use interface to create powerful reports and dashboards.

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Interactive Presentation

Social and Interactive Presentation

Move beyond standard dashboards with interactive presentation of your analytics and data that can be incorporated into a presentation and then shared socially to individuals or teams for further input, comments and collaboration. Automatic sharing based on key performance indicators ensure all stakeholders receive the right information at the right time.

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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Dashboards and reports provide insight for your workforce planning, allowing you to forecast your workforce by competency and skills, while taking external factors and internal factors such as retirement, hiring trends, budgets and other attrition factors into consideration.

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Center of Excellence

People Analytics Center of Excellence

Our exclusive People Analytics Center of Excellence provides organizations with standard reports, customized reports, services, training, workshops and executive presentations through a cadre of people analytics experts. Also included are ongoing updates to existing reports and continued introduction of new reports. Our experts and consultants help address your organization’s unique challenges by ensuring you understand the people data important to you.

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The Benefits of People Analytics

Faster and Better Decision Making

Solve real-world problems and answer impactful questions while making HR more strategic and improving HR’s value to the organization. Easy-to-understand insight into hiring, onboarding, performance, engagement, retention and development helps your organization meet its goals.

Insight from Personalized Dashboards

Dashboards and reports provide insight for users of all levels, from executives to HR Specialists. Simple drag-and-drop report building allow even users with no analytics expertise to easily build reports.

Analytics for Integrated Talent Management

Acendre’s People Analytics underpins our entire integrated talent management system, providing you with insight into all your people data. Through the wide breadth of data and analytical reporting, you gain insight into all talent management pillars and their interrelationships, allowing for ongoing workforce performance improvements.

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Workforce Planning Webinars

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Chandler Macleod Case Study

Chandler Macleod has provided HR services to organisations in the ANZ region for over 50 years.

The company has over 3,100 customers across the region. The company was already utilizing eRecruit to manage internal recruitment, as well as high volume recruitment for special projects for their customers. Read more to find out how Acendre’s eRecruit helped Chandler Macleod with a customer requiring over 200,000 applications per year, and complex analytics to forecast recruitment needs.

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