Acendre Recruitment helps you source, select and hire high-quality talent quickly and efficiently, while lowering talent acquisition costs. By drastically reducing your administrative tasks and through easy-to-use dashboards and reports, HR resources are freed to focus on more strategic initiatives. Unmatched configurability supports your unique workflows, and our focus on usability ensures an enjoyable candidate experience.



Ensure you’re able to reach your candidates wherever they are with robust mobile capabilities that protect you from missing out on any applicants. The full-featured Candidate Portal is available on any mobile device, ensuring your applicants can view, search and apply for jobs at any time and update their profile at their convenience.

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Reach the high-quality candidates you want by communicating with them where they are. Integration with multiple job boards ensures ongoing interaction with potential applicants as you continually monitor and improve your workforce.

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Your organization’s hiring processes are supported, rather than dictated to you, through unmatched configurability that helps you improve hiring procedures “out-of-the-box” without costly implementation. Your organization is provided with the ability to create unique forms with user-defined data elements that match your needs and requirements.

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Rules-based Workflow Engine

The workflow engine adapts to your unique workflows and processes, allowing you to keep what works for you. Action triggers and auto-task notifications automate administrative tasks to ensure hiring gets done more quickly and more efficiently, by delivering the right information to the right stakeholder, at the right time.

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Reporting and Analytics

Powerful reporting, dashboards and analytics, embedded into Acendre Recruitment, provide executives with actionable insight to make better and faster decisions to improve your recruitment and hiring functions. Easily tailored dashboards also provide HR Specialists and hiring managers with at-a-glance insight into candidate and vacancy information.

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Short Listing

Candidate Short Listing

Organizations can automate the process of short listing candidates to speed candidate selection. The creation of certificates and selection reports is simplified, ensuring hiring managers can quickly and more easily focus on qualified candidates.

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The Benefits of Recruitment

Faster Hiring

Insightful reports and easy-to-use tools help you identify, recruit and hire high-quality talent faster and more efficiently. People analytics provides the metrics you need to make improved hiring decisions and lower cost-per-hire, while meeting all compliance requirements.

Improved Quality of Hire

Improve hiring quality with a solution that helps you align high-quality candidates with the skills, competencies and attributes you want in your employees. Improved candidate assessment, insightful data and an integrated workflow engine that delivers the information hiring managers and HR need ensure improved hiring decisions and fewer bad hires.

Reduced Costs

Actionable insight from powerful reporting and analytics help drive down recruiting costs by identifying and correcting inefficiencies and eliminating redundant and wasted activities and resources. With improved hiring comes better retention rates, drastically reducing the high cost of poor hiring.

Improved Candidate Experience

Give candidates the engaging experience they expect with a seamless experience when interacting with your organization. This includes the ability to easily apply for jobs, check their application status and more through a powerful candidate portal from their mobile devices, along with a positive experience with your organization’s website.

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Australian Taxation Office Case Study

Case Study

“With Acendre, our ability to refine our process really added to the candidate and delegate experience, and improved overall efficiencies in terms of time to fill and cost. But that’s just the beginning.” Donna Ross – Executive Director

Large public organisations sometimes have a reputation for bureaucracy. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is breaking that mold, thanks to Acendre’s cutting-edge recruitment software that allows the ATO to continuously innovate and improve.

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